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Boiling Banana With Its Peel Can Give You This Health Benefits – SEE HOW!

Banana peel contain tryptophan which get converted in 5HTP. The 5HTP in return its converted to serotonin a relaxing neurotransmitter and melatonin aka the sleeping hormones.

Organic bananas are recommended because conventionally grown bananas are heavily sprayed with pesticides.

When taken about an hour before bed, banana tea can help the body prepare for deep sleep.

Boiling banana with its peel can help you fall asleep easier because of the potassium and magnesium which are natural muscle relaxant. Magnesium is often called magical mineral because its helps with hormones balance and stress.

Simply cut off the end off the banana and slice it into a few pieces, place it in a small pot and pour water and boil for 10minutes then strain the banana out with a colander and drink the tea.

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Bananas are respectable source of vitamin and each banana has only about 105 calories and consist almost exclusively of water and carbs. Banana hold very little of protein and almost no fat

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