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Every student has a potential, set of talents. Gift, opportunities, abilities and sensitivities to succeed academically, You firstly identity the purpose why you are where you find yourself, then to achieve it will be very easy.
Many students do not know why they are in school that is why you see them joining a destructive society. “People are going to school, I must also be there” is there point of gaining admission.
Countless number of them could not precisely identity the course they should do or reason(s) for doing the course.
Abraham Lincoln didn’t retrace his goals and vision of becoming the president of America despite all chains of failure that comes his way until he became what he was. The entire Americans, even the whole world cannot forget his contribution both politically and economically.
For you to succeed in school, you are to answer this question “WHY AM I IN SCHOOL?”
As a student or an individual, you are genius, unique, smarter than you have ever imagined. You have more raw brain-power and creative ability than you have ever think of. Scientist shows that our brain has 10 billions cells, each of which is connected to as many as 20,0000 other cells by a complex network of neurons and dendrites. Your ability to develop ideas to help you succeed is unlimited. This means that your ability to succeed unlimited as well. Supply the following answers and find yourself successful.

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