Make Use Of Conference Video Call Stylishly

Are you working from home, during the lockdown while on video conference. Here are the ways to look professional during video conferencing while at home.

1. Don’t Underestimate Lighting

What you wear makes a big difference but the lighting in your workspace can be just as important. Good lighting makes you look more natural on a webcam. On the other hand, rooms with low light levels or fluorescent lights often have the opposite impact. This will make you feel good.

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2. Wear Your Normal Outfits

Every organization has its own policies, but you can almost always wear your in-person clothes for video conferences and other digital events. Of course, tops are much more relevant than bottoms given that pants and skirts won’t be visible on a webcam.

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3. Double-check Your mobile Background

Freelancers and other telecommuters may have had home offices before the pandemic, but those who are working from home for the first time may need help setting up a workspace. You don’t necessarily need much space the important thing is that the area is quiet and distraction-free for important meetings.

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