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Must Read: Who To Trust?

In life, you need to be circumspect of whom you trust. In short, trust nobody in as much as Judas who was one of Jesus’ disciples can betray him, then why can’t your friend betray you.

How can you be so sure that the person whom you truly trust loves you or wants the best for you. Oh! Because she says it to your hearing every time that she loves you? Hmmm…. Love comes slowly and goes so fast. She can just wake up one day and think you are more successful than she is and what do you think she would do? Of course, she knows all about you [your flaws, Acheli’s heel (weakness) and strength] and don’t you think she is going to use your weakness for your downfall.

Some people in your life are vile, they are called pesky human beings, they are just there to rile you and they mould you stronger, if they don’t treat you bad, you won’t be any better in life. There is always one or more lessons from every mistakes you make, they do say “Experience is the best teacher” but do you have to wait till experience be your own teacher? Learn from others mistakes, that is why movies/stories are there, learn from them they are not just to entertain. If you wait till experience be your teacher, I am telling you, it’s going to be an injury that can never be healed, it will hurt you the more you remember it.

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Don’t misinterpret me, I am not dismissing the fact that there are still honest people in the world but out of 100percent you can hardly find 20percent that is honest and Godfearing, and how do you know the honest ones. if you keep on saying my friend is Godfearing, because she goes to church/mosque always,do you know that going to church/mosque doesn’t make one a Christian/Muslim?

It’s fine to open up to your friends and try to seek their advice but don’t you ever try to tell them everything that is going on in your life especially your weakness. It’s not everyone that wants the best for you, there are enemies like friends, remember! You’d better wise up.

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The best way you will not be hurt whenever your friend treats you bad is to always think that everyone in this world is Bad we are innately evil
so when they do you good, you will be the happiest person and you will be grateful to God for giving them the heart to do good and don’t be carried away by the good things they’ve done, stay focused and still believe that everyone is innately evil so that when they offend you, you wouldn’t be surprised nor disappointed.


NOTE: While thinking everyone is bad, do good to everyone and don’t ever try to revenge whenever they treat you bad. God is never sleeping, he is a God of vengeance, leave the battle for him to fight.

Dear readers, I am not saying that this is easy, we are all humans and no one is impeccable expect by the grace of God. The bible says “with God all things are possible” and I am saying “with God, you can never be hurt”. You just accept and believe in God.

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